Vital Vodka

Vital Vodka is Roots and Wings Distillery’s inaugural artisan, farm-to-table vodka, made in the spirit of our beautiful Fraser Valley! It is handcrafted in small batches from the distillery’s own homegrown potatoes and corn. Vital Vodka is a clean spirit that boasts a subtle but enticing vanilla-cherry aroma and is velvety smooth to the palate with a refreshing finish.

This vodka is vital because it is absolutely necessary for lounging or letting loose! It’s perfectly pleasing for sipping neat, stirred into a martini or shaken in a creative cocktail. 

Available in 750 ml. Certified Gluten-Free.


Double Vice

Roots and Wings Distillery’s Double Vice lives up to its name by coupling two popular vices and takes the love of coffee and vodka to a whole new level! In this java-inspired spirt, our handcrafted Vital Vodka is infused with coffee and no added sugar.

Double Vice treats you to a fresh coffee flavour finish with a touch of spice. A subtle coffee aroma is accompanied with hints of chocolate and caramel. Double Vice is great for sipping on the rocks, pairing with Amaretto, or mixing up a kicking coffee martini!

Available in 750 ml. Gluten-Free.



Renegade is Roots and Wings Distillery’s unique and bold horseradish-infused vodka. This spirit is crafted in small batches with horseradish (sourced from a Fraser Valley farm) steeped in our Vital Vodka, which is made from our homegrown potatoes and corn. The name – Renegade – reflects its untamed nature, breaking away from the traditional sweet finish of vodka to deliver distinct earthy tones, a kick of heat and an aroma of fresh radish!

This horseradish vodka is ideal for the savory cocktail enthusiast and a great base for a spicy Caesar, Bloody Mary, Horseradish Sour or Dirty Martini garnished with smoked olives! If you’re adventurous, then try it out in your cooking, such as vodka cured salmon. Be a Renegade, break free from the norm!

Dill Pickled Vodka

For fans of garlic-dill flavours, this infused vodka will punch up your savoury cocktail game! Get your pickle fix in drinks like the Caesar, Bloody Mary, dirty martini or any pickle-tinis or pickle-ritas with the tangy-briny highlights of our Dill PIckled Vodka.

The Dill Pickled Vodka is made by naturally infusing our award winning Vital Vodka with local garlic and dill.Cocktails made with this special vodka pair well with salty snacks and dishes, plus an unlimited assortment of garnishes including sour cornichons, grilled prawns, and crispy bacon! 

Available in 750 ml.