Renegade Vodka

Renegade is Roots and Wings Distillery’s unique and bold horseradish-infused vodka. This spirit is crafted in small batches with horseradish (sourced from a Fraser Valley farm) steeped in our Vital Vodka, which is made from our homegrown potatoes and corn. The name – Renegade – reflects its untamed nature, breaking away from the traditional sweet finish of vodka to deliver distinct earthy tones, a kick of heat and an aroma of fresh radish!

This horseradish vodka is ideal for the savory cocktail enthusiast and a great base for a spicy Caesar, Bloody Mary, Horseradish Sour or Dirty Martini garnished with smoked olives! If you’re adventurous, then try it out in your cooking, such as vodka cured salmon. Be a Renegade, break free from the norm!