Our Stillhouse

Micro Distillery in Langley

As a micro distiller, we believe that small batch production allows for more experimentation and creativity. Our distilled liquor will have unique flavour profiles influenced by our own crops and natural spring water. The on-site distillation process began with a 30-gallon copper kettle still and have now moved into a 500 gallon stripping still/ whiskey still as well as a 100 gallon spirits still.

The first and only in Langley, our craft distillery opened in February 2017 with the release of our inaugural B.C. artisan spirit – Vital Vodka (potato-corn), followed by a coffee infused vodka – Double Vice, an unaged corn whiskey – Rebel, and a potato-corn gin – Jackknife Gin. As of 2021, we have 24 different spirits to choose from. 

Visit Our Craft Distillery

Make Roots and Wings Distillery part of your adventures in Langley and the Fraser Valley. Our tasting room “The Drinkery” hours vary depending on the time of year, call for more information.

We warmly invite you to visit us at our quaint Langley distillery and farm to enjoy a cocktail, and savour our pretty scenery!  We are located about 50 km east of Vancouver and 5 minutes from the popular village of Fort Langley, British Columbia.  Our on-site tasting room offers spirits tasting, craft cocktails, lite bites, and our craft spirits for sale. Shop our Vintage Bar store for unique gifts. See map »

Explore Langley and the Fraser Valley

Make a great day outing of your visit by including nearby sites, attractions and the picturesque landscape overflowing with countryside charm.  Not only are Langley and the Fraser Valley well known for its historical sites and stunning vistas but also for its culinary highlights and unique agri-tourism destinations.  The area has a reputation for being B.C.’s “food basket”. We’re delighted to be part of this thriving food and beverage culture and community filled with special field-to-table experiences. Take time to visit neighbouring wineries, breweries and other artisan food producers. Check out the great information from various tourism orgnaizations, including: Tourism LangleyTourism Fraser Valley and Circle Farm Tours!

Meet the Roots and Wings Distillery Team

Rebekah Crowley

Chief Organizer and Still Master

Nature enthusiast, libation lover, and life organizer, Rebekah has lived in too many places in her life and has lost count, but has now found a perfect place to put down roots, literally and figuratively. Always the host of the cocktail party, she has now found a true calling in creating lively spirits to enhance everyone’s cocktails and celebrations.

Rob Rindt

President and Farmer Extraordinaire

Farmer, charmer, and Jack of all trades, Rob has lived on the farm his whole life.  As a middle child in between 6 brothers, he gets in and out of sticky situations quicker than most and no one is the wiser.  A dreamer and serial entrepreneur, Rob is always thinking of new ways to bring his dreams into reality. One of his dreams is to be a liquor baron; hence, Roots and Wings Distillery took off.