Rebel is too young to be called a Canadian whiskey but too refined to be called moonshine. This young Rebel spirit will restore your faith in youth again, proving that maturity is in the eye of the beholder. Spending only a brief amount of time in toasted oak, our first small batch unaged whiskey has picked up the wisdom of flavour and colour you would expect in an aged whiskey!

Distilled in a whiskey style from sweet corn grown at the distillery, the resulting spirit is in a class of its own with honey and orangey-citrus notes, a smooth finish and a lingering smokiness. Sip neat or on the rocks to fully enjoy its surprising complexity, or team it up with your favourite whiskey cocktail. It’s sure to leave you wanting more when it’s gone!

Available in 750ml


Newly released in the fall of 2018, Sidekick is a unique blend of our young, corn-based whiskey – Rebel – infused with cinnamon and honey, bringing a delightful combination of sweet and heat to an already fantastic backbone spirit popular for its hints of smokiness from toasted oak. 

Sidekick is our version of a Fireball cinnamon whiskey but you can enjoy it without regret. There’s gentle notes of sweetness and warmth, making it smooth and easy to savour straight. But it also plays extremely well with other ingredients in an array of mixed drinks and cocktails.       

Available in 750 ml.

Johnny Handsome

Back in 2017 at the Roots and Wings Distillery, we set aside some pure corn spirit in a new charred barrel and waited for it to mature into a handsome young bourbon style spirit.

Johnny Handsome is ready to come out to play. Unveiled on November 22, 2019, he is rough around the edges but deeply refined kind of spirit with the soul of a centenarian but the body of a barrel-chested Viking that will knock you off your feet. This new whiskey is best enjoyed neat or with a splash of water.

Available in 750ml

Old Fashioned Spirit

The Old Fashioned is a one of our special, limited released whiskey-based blended spirits.

We’ve taken our young whiskey, Rebel, and expertly married it with sugar and bitters in classic Old Fashioned style, then tucked it away in a barrel for months so the flavours can romance each other into a perfectly harmonized spirit. Enjoy over ice and garnish with orange zest and a cherry on top!

Available in 750 ml.