Artisan Spirits

Homegrown and handcrafted at our farm in Langley,
British Columbia.

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Roots and Wings Distillery

Craft distillery proudly producing small batch artisan spirits from quality ingredients that are homegrown on our country farm.

Langley's First Craft Distillery

Our charming family owned and operated micro distillery is based in the heart of the Fraser Valley, near Fort Langley. We welcome visitors enjoy a craft cocktail featuring our artisan spirits, as well as browse our bar gift shop.

The distillery is inspired by our agricultural roots and our passion to craft uniquely distilled spirits from quality products that we lovingly grow on our land. Our collection of seed-to-sip spirits includes vodka, whiskey, gin, absinthe and liqueurs that can be enjoyed on their own or in your favourite craft cocktails and mixed drinks.

Jackknife Gin 375 ml

Jackknife gin is edgy yet smooth with hints of juniper and floral notes. It showcases 14 botanicals, including several from our own garden! Also available in 750 ml.


Apotheosis Absinthe 375ml

The Apotheosis Absinthe celebrates a historically significant elixir derived from anise, fennel and wormwood. Enjoy its elegantly dry, crisp and aromatic flavours. Available in 375 ml.