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Cocktail Menu

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Cocktail Menu

Pacific Storm – 2 oz – $12

Pacific Rim whiskey, Lime Juice, Switchel, Kalamansi


In a Blue Moon – 1.5oz – $12

Peach Keen Vodka, Blueberry Bourbon Preserves, orange bitters, foamer, lemon Juice, club soda


The Bag of Vaughn – 2oz – $12

Double Vice Vodka, Amaretto, Crème de Cassis


Angelina’s Antidote – 2oz – $12

Dark Knight Whiskey, Amaretto, chocolate bitters.


Wellers Streusel – 1.5 oz – $12

Wellers Blueberry Liqueur, Sidekick Cinnamon Whiskey, Coconut Milk, simple syrup


Whisper of Spring – 2oz -$12

Whisper Gin, Wild Rose Raspberry Cordial, Vermouth, Club soda


Let’s Bee Lemons – 2oz – $12

Lemon Gin, Coconut milk, Honey, Lemon Juice, Foamer, topped with Whip cream


Midnight On the lake – 1oz – $10

Absinthe, Hot Chocolate, Smoked Salt

The Classics

Sazarac 2oz – $12

Absinthe Fountain – 1 oz – $12

Old Fashioned – 2oz – $14

Gin Gimlet – 2 oz $14

Gin and Tonic – 1oz – $9

Caesar 1 oz – $12

Godfather – 2oz – $14

Johnny Handsome, Amaretto

Beer du Jour 16 oz  – $7

Fraser Valley Cider 8oz  – $8

Red and White wine by the bottle.

Ask server for the price and options available.

$5 corkage fee if unfinished


Cocktail Flight of 4 – 2 oz (meaning 2 oz of booze split between 4 mini cocktails) – $22


Doug, Cherry Cola Syrup, Lime juice


Nekter 90 vodka, Hula Hula Cordial, Lime Juice, Tonic Bitters


Negroni, Rose Cardamom syrup, Kiwi Sumac Bitters


Man o’ War, Apricot peach Cordial, Lemon Juice, Orange Bitters



The Non Menu


Mocktail Flight of four $15

-Lavender Lemonade

-Pom-NillaFaux-tini (Pomegranate and vanilla)

-Summertime Shimmer (watermelon, strawberry, cara cara balsamic)

-Flavour Frenzy (Grapefruit, Cherry Cola, lime leaf)


Opus Peach Bellini $6

Opus Aperitivo Spritz $6


Basic Betty Virgin Caesar $6

Slightly Sweet and Spicy Virgin Caesar $7


Coffee $5

Hot Chocolate with toasted Marshmallows $5

Artisan Spirits to sample


Vital Vodka 40%ABV – Potato and Corn based Vodka- Finishes Sweet  

Double Vice Coffee Infused Vodka – 40% ABV Whole Roasted coffee beans infused in Vodka 

Below the Oaks Vodka – 40% ABV Local Truffle infused into Vital Vodka

Peachy Keen Vodka –40% ABV -Peach Rooibos Tea infused Vodka –  no sugar added – best mixed with water and ice

Dill Pickled Vodka – 40%ABV heavy on the garlic with a sweet finish great for Caesars or Pickle- tini’s 

Renegade Horseradish Infused Vodka – 40% ABV – smells like radishes but finishes with a slight bite

Cascade –40%ABV- Hops and Honey Infused Vodka – great with pineapple juice!

Rootsbeer Vodka – 30% ABV Vital Vodka infused with sarsaparilla and other botanicals to make this sipper a sweet treat

Five Pepper Vodka – 40% ABV Some like it HOTT! Is that’s you? Then give this a shot! 

Mr. Grey Vodka – 30% ABV For the Love of Earl Grey tea this one is for you! 

Nekter 90 Vodka – 40% ABV a premium vodka made from Barley and Potatoes.

Temple of Nuts – 40% ABV – If you’re a fan of nuts … this tosted coconut infused vodka will make your day!

Overproof Vodka – 70% ABV Hold on to your shorts for this one! Made for those of you that want to make your own tinctures, liqueurs, or all around good time

Nightscapes Vodka 40% ALC Black Garlic infused Vodka. This little ditty is great in a savory cocktail or used to make vodka sauce for pasta!


Inspired Gin – 40% ABV – This gin will bring the distinct flavour of lime leaf to your favorite gin cocktail

Jackknife Gin – 40% ABV – Cucumber Citrus forward. Stands up well in cocktails

Encore Gin – 40% ABV – White Tea, Rose, and Peony – more floral and goes nicely with tonic.

Old Dame Gin – 35% ABV – This is our aged gin that has been barrel finished for 6 months in red wine barrels.

Whisper Gin – 38% ABV made with whiskey this gin packs a punch of flavour.

Lavender Gin – 40% ABV – need we say more Lavender + Gin = delicious.

Award Winning Gin – 40% ABV– We have high expectations for this one. With a base of Green Peas, potato and corn this earthy gin is made for a dirty martini or a gin Caesar.

Lemon Gin – 43% ABV and you guessed it .. its infused with real lemons


Old Fashioned Spirit – 40 % ABV – barrel aged for 6 weeks with Demerara sugar and Angostura bitters this is an old fashioned in a bottle.

Rebel Young Whiskey – 40% ABV – Pure corn spirit Aged for 1 month in charred oak with honey and sweet orange.

Johnny Handsome – 50% ABV – Pure corn spirit aged for 2 years in new charred oak – this is our version of bourbon

Sidekick cinnamon Whiskey – 40% ABV our young whiskey aged for an additional 2 months with cinnamon and honey

Pacific Rim – 40% ABV is a corn whiskey infused with fresh ginger and aged for 3 years.

Golden Ears – 45% ABV This beautiful Whiskey is a blend of 75% Rye and 25% Corn

Dark Knight Coffee Whiskey – 40% ABV aged for 3 years in oak with whole roasted coffee beans this is light on the coffee and heavy on the whiskey.

Leprechaun Gold Spirit – 42% ABV we have a sprite of a spirit here for you… think Sazarac in a bottle. This whiskey type spirit has joined forces with absinthe botanicals to make a flavourful anise whiskey.

A Little Something Different

Apotheosis Absinthe – 72% ALC – If you are a fan of black licorice, you’ll love this! This Absinthe is made with wormwood, fennel, star anise and licorice root.
Olitais – 28% ABV – Red Italian style Bitter – like a Campari or Aperol
Ploughman’s Elixir –45% ABV Distilled beer aged with botanicals and wood – 
Wellers’ Blueberry Liqueur – 35% ABV our first liqueur made with our own blueberries!

Doug – 33% – cross between a Rum and spiced whiskey and an Elixir … we didn’t know what to name him… hence DOUG.

Negroni – 25% ABV – Barrel Aged for 4 months this is your classic cocktail with, Gin, Bitters, and Vermouth.

Auracinsis – 30% ABV – Premixed Cosmo in a bottle – Cranberry orange and lime

Sweet Diana – 27% ABV – This premixed whiskey-tail  is perfect sipper. Infused with cranberry, lemon, and a touch of sugar this Sweet Diana will renew your love of Whiskey cocktails.

Food Menu

All food offered here at the tasting room is in partnership with local chefs 


Grilled Cheese $12

Fig and Blue Cheese


Cheddar and Apple butter


Focaccia Bread with oil and vinegar $10

Salt and Vinegar chips $6

Charcuterie Cup $13

Warm Pretzel with house made Mustard $7