Celebrate what love means to you with a superb cocktail – no matter your relationship – during our Valentine’s Day Happy Hour at Roots and Wings Distillery.  We’re rolling out two special drink menus to honour those that are unattached or smitten!

Truth be told, not everyone loves the Hallmark Holiday of Valentine’s Day! The day has been overly romanticized, encouraging people to express loving gestures with roses, sweets, bling and bubbles. That can be exciting for some people, while creating anxiety for others.

The notion of romance has evolved for us from when we were younger and single to now being married and parents.  Being more mature and aware of the intricacies of relationships, we don’t necessarily need to celebrate in the traditional way. Nope, instead this year we’d like to celebrate it with YOU.

We’re reframing V-Day and unapologetically skipping the sentimental mush and hosting a special Happy Hour from 3 to 7 pm on February 14 at the Drinkery, featuring our Lonely Souls cocktail menu for all the single guys and gals out there. And, of course, we couldn’t leave out the couples, so there’s also a Love Birds cocktail menu. All drinks are made with our craft spirits.

With the Lonely Souls cocktails, tap into the fun of being solo and give some self-love with drinks like the Basement Dweller, One Night Stand, Rejection and 25 Cats.

For the adoring couples, embrace romance and couple-hood with the Love Birds cocktails that include the Heartthrob, Happy Couple, Destiny and MiAmore.

We invite you to join us to rejoice any relationship – whether it’s with yourself, a bestie or love interest. Let’s toast to being grateful for all of life’s relationships. Cheers to that!