Whisper Gin

Whisper Gin is a truly unique spirit that begins with the rich, complex character of a fine whiskey and transforms it into a captivating gin experience. This enchanting fusion of flavors starts with the deep, warm undertones of whiskey, which are delicately infused with light, refreshing notes of juniper to create a harmonious balance between the two distinctive spirits.


As you savor the alluring essence of Whisper Gin, you’ll be transported by its ethereal taste and aroma, reminiscent of a captivating story whispered in your ear. Each sip is a journey through layers of flavor, inviting you to uncover the fanciful tale behind this remarkable spirit. Whether enjoyed neat or as the foundation for an exquisitely crafted cocktail, Whisper Gin promises to delight and intrigue the senses with its distinctive blend of whiskey and juniper, offering an experience like no other.