Club Specifics

Terms & Conditions

Membership is a commitment of a year with an annual auto-renewal on the sign-up date. Cancellation of membership must be requested by email and is required 30 days before the renewal date.

Prior to the club allocations, members will receive an email notification at the beginning of the allocation month. Allocations customizable with a change fee of $5.

Orders are processed and credit cards charged between the 10-15th of the allocation month. All purchases are final.

Members choose between free delivery or to attend the club allocation pickup party. Proof of legal age is required at the time of delivery or pickup.

Membership is open to residents of British Columbia 19+. By signing up, members accept the terms and conditions of the membership and website.

Sign up anytime and a new member’s first allocation takes place in the first allocation month of their membership.

Members can sign up online, in person at the distillery, or on the phone.

Members opting for free delivery will receive their shipment by the end of the allocation month. Shipments to a different address than the member’s address is possible by special request within 5 days of the allocation email notification. 

Allocation pickup parties will take place at the distillery on the last Saturday of the allocation month between 3-5 pm. If members cannot attend the allocation pickup party then they can make separate arrangements with the distillery for pickup on the weekends only.

Members must provide up-to-date credit card expiry information during their membership.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Choose Your Membership

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No prepayment necessary. No extra fees for registration or cancellation.